Was it all worth it? Portrait of a CX bike.

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As you may have seen in my last post, I was planning on doing some lighting tests on location (er… in my garden) today, but it’s too small and windy for anything meaningfully resembling a location test. However, a quick scoot over to the local woods proved much more promising. Trees, you see, have a ...

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Nick’s simple guide to lighting tests in a high wind. Lesson one:   I think the main lesson is that my garden is way too windy for a Rotalux 100 Deep Octa softbox. I don’t think stage weights and sandbags would have helped much in this case, but I’m going to take it all (camera, ...

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Mulletproof poet.

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As today is National Poetry Day, I’m just gonna leave this here… Last week I had the pleasure of photographing Andrew “Mulletproof Poet” Graves’ one man show, “God Save The Teen”, in Leicester’s pub theatre, Upstairs At The Western. I’ve photographed Andrew before, both onstage at the Y in Leicester, as part of Word! and ...

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This much I know: Expedition photography.

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Go on… Go. Go away. Far away. Pack your bags and leave. Get in the car, on a bus, take a train or plane. Start walking. Get on your bike. When you get there, keep going: Kilimanjaro. Machu Picchu. Mount McKinley. Djenné Mosque. Cromer. Now, have you remembered everything? Because now you’re a really long way ...

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Wool, denim, leather

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Back in November I was photographing a conference on resource efficiency – doing more with fewer resources – when I sat in on a seminar given by Mark Shayler. Mark is a designer and consultant and his angle on resource efficiency is Emotional Durability – basically how we stay ‘in love’ with consumer durables for ...

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