Pulling faces: Salon.

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So, these are the rejects from the Taylor Wessing portrait prize. I don’t want to go overboard with the WTFs, but there needs to have been some pretty strong competition for these to be considered unworthy of even an exhibition place… My favourites are Sir Ian McKellen, Simon Pegg and the Afghan man and his ...

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Was it all worth it? Portrait of a CX bike.

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As you may have seen in my last post, I was planning on doing some lighting tests on location (er… in my garden) today, but it’s too small and windy for anything meaningfully resembling a location test. However, a quick scoot over to the local woods proved much more promising. Trees, you see, have a ...

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Nick’s simple guide to lighting tests in a high wind. Lesson one:   I think the main lesson is that my garden is way too windy for a Rotalux 100 Deep Octa softbox. I don’t think stage weights and sandbags would have helped much in this case, but I’m going to take it all (camera, ...

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Lightroom 6 – a few thoughts.

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It’s been available for a little while now, and maybe the question you’re asking is: Should I bother with Lightroom 6? Is it worth the money? Well, as a long-term Lightroom user, I’d automatically say “Yes, of course”. But is it? I mean, is it any *better* than the last update of LR5? Well, it ...

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From the archive: The best from the past.

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Part one: the late Stan Tracey. I thought I’d lost this one; I had to search three separate external hard drives, and five Lightroom catalogues with over 100,000 images on them to find it. It is, simply, unrepeatable. I’d only vaguely heard of Stan Tracey when I was asked to photograph the Everybody’s Reading festival ...

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So, not just Winnipeg?

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The funniest man you’ve probably never heard of. He’s six foot two. He’s got a shaved head and little wire glasses. Apart from looking like a cross between Gandhi and the looming Seventies presence of a “skin’ead”, he’s also funny. Very, very funny. His name is Rob Gee. I’ve worked with Rob for a few ...

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Peter: is that enough?

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Year of the duck.  Not too long ago, a client of mine announced that he was tired of the fact that you couldn’t get a decent pizza in Loughborough… or anywhere else for that matter. What he meant by ‘decent’ was Neapolitan: Made with only authentic ingredients – Italian ingredients – by Italians, for Italians. ...

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Photograph of the year, 2014 – part 2: Autumn.

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Photograph of the year | 2014 “Fruits of Autumn”. There’s simply nothing commercial about this. I am not much of a gardener, and that’s an understatement, but I managed to reclaim a bit of the crappy waste ground I laughingly call the garden, fill it with peat, sand and manure and sow some wild flower seeds ...

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