#APRES2015: Good-looking engineers!

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A week ago today, I was just packing my bag for a shoot in central London. I was going to spend a whole day in a basement, hopelessly outnumbered by engineers. Also, the coffee would be bad. Anyone who knows me even slightly would imagine that might be my idea of hell, (the venue, in ...

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Instruments of the Afterlife at the V&A, London.

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Well, I’ve been struggling to write this blog post for a while. Nothing I seem to be able to say about this performance/sculpture series/musical composition seems to make sense or to do it justice. However, Professor Jacqui Glass of Loughborough University has beaten me to it and written a very eloquent and readable piece for ...

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Early last month (I know, I’m really slack at blogging, I hope you can forgive me…) I was invited to photograph a couple of events at The Royal Academy of Engineering. The first was a “Hackathon” on the theme of ethical sourcing in the construction industry. I spent all day with players and thought leaders ...

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