Lightroom 6 – a few thoughts.

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It’s been available for a little while now, and maybe the question you’re asking is: Should I bother with Lightroom 6? Is it worth the money? Well, as a long-term Lightroom user, I’d automatically say “Yes, of course”. But is it? I mean, is it any *better* than the last update of LR5? Well, it ...

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From the archive: The best from the past, 2

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Part two: Matilda Brown; composer, explorer. It’s a draughty and dreary Saturday in November 2010, and I’m in a flat in the south side of Glasgow; I am accustomed to working with the flat’s resident, but this will be the first time I’ve made her portrait; every other picture of her up to this point ...

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From the archive: The best from the past.

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Part one: the late Stan Tracey. I thought I’d lost this one; I had to search three separate external hard drives, and five Lightroom catalogues with over 100,000 images on them to find it. It is, simply, unrepeatable. I’d only vaguely heard of Stan Tracey when I was asked to photograph the Everybody’s Reading festival ...

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