Single Track

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Mountain bike heaven. Heaven: It’s different things to different people, I think we can all agree on that. I’m sure that for anglers it’s a quiet river bank or a boat on a lake; for a shopaholic an endless Oxford Street in the sky; I’m pretty sure there are those for whom it’s an infinite ...

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This much I know: Expedition photography.

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Go on… Go. Go away. Far away. Pack your bags and leave. Get in the car, on a bus, take a train or plane. Start walking. Get on your bike. When you get there, keep going: Kilimanjaro. Machu Picchu. Mount McKinley. Djenné Mosque. Cromer. Now, have you remembered everything? Because now you’re a really long way ...

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If they build it…

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…they will need qualified construction managers to over see it: The story of SEATS+ In September 2014 I was approached by Responsible Solutions to bid for a photography contact. It would involve making photographs of major construction sites across the country to be used in a training package for construction managers called SEATS+. The partners ...

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So, not just Winnipeg?

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The funniest man you’ve probably never heard of. He’s six foot two. He’s got a shaved head and little wire glasses. Apart from looking like a cross between Gandhi and the looming Seventies presence of a “skin’ead”, he’s also funny. Very, very funny. His name is Rob Gee. I’ve worked with Rob for a few ...

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Peter: is that enough?

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Year of the duck.  Not too long ago, a client of mine announced that he was tired of the fact that you couldn’t get a decent pizza in Loughborough… or anywhere else for that matter. What he meant by ‘decent’ was Neapolitan: Made with only authentic ingredients – Italian ingredients – by Italians, for Italians. ...

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Photograph of the year, 2014 – part 2: Autumn.

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Photograph of the year | 2014 “Fruits of Autumn”. There’s simply nothing commercial about this. I am not much of a gardener, and that’s an understatement, but I managed to reclaim a bit of the crappy waste ground I laughingly call the garden, fill it with peat, sand and manure and sow some wild flower seeds ...

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