Telling stories.

I like to tell stories with pictures. Stories of who you are, what you do, where you do it, and why.
I make editorial and commercial pictures, all over the UK and beyond. My clients come from the construction and property, sport and leisure, publishing and education, and fashion sectors, to name a few.

‘Pretty’ pictures simply aren’t good enough.

I love pretty pictures, but I know you need more from your photographs. I think of pictures as tools, or as a part of your workforce. They work for you – or they should do. They’re not just there to look nice, they have a job to do. So, I work with you to send your message to your clients. It’s what your clients think of you and your product that counts, as they’re the ones who are paying the bills. Let’s keep them happy.

One size fits… one.

My approach is to tailor a package of photography to your needs. I talk to your marketing, design, and web people to discover what they need to do their job, and give them the tools they can work with. What’s right for another client probably won’t be just right for you, so I don’t assume anything. I take time to find out what you want to do with the pictures, who your clients are and what they like to see.┬áTalk to me and I’ll listen.

The process

It all starts with a phone call or face-to-face chat (over coffee is a good excuse to step out of the office for half an hour) about what you need.

If I don’t feel I can help, I won’t string you along – your time is precious and nobody likes to be played.

If I feel I can help you, I’ll take notes on what you want to achieve, and how. Are you re-branding, or launching something new? Do you simply want to reach a new market with an existing product? Have you got images that could perhaps do with a re-vamp, or are a bit out-of-date stylistically?

After that, I’ll start researching your competitors and market leaders. I’ll look at what sort of visual language engages with your target market. If your marketing people have already done this, then we can go ahead and devise a brief, shooting schedule and a budget.


If you fancy a chat, drop me a line here or give me a call. You can see my work here, and follow me on Instagram using the link below.