Photograph of the year, 2014 – part 6: Old Father Thames.

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“Whilst stocks last”.
One of my last assignments of the year, as part of a project in collaboration with some of the UK’s major construction industry players, was to photograph at the construction of a ten storey tower on the North Greenwich peninsula.
The nature of the brief – from which the photos were to become part of an industry training programme – meant that I had seen a lot of the activities, equipment and so on on the site elsewhere over the previous weeks. 
That said, the site managers who showed me around were keen for me to see just how good their site really was, and did their best to make me feel very welcome.
However, the real cherry on top – literally on top – was the question “Would you like to see the view from the roof?”
Now, there’s next to no good reason I need to be on the roof of an unfinished ten storey block of flats, expect to see the view… And what a view: A clear, 180 degree panorama or the Greenwich bend of the Thames, from the city, downstream past the Thames barrier and beyond…
“How much is this view then?” I asked, almost joking.

“Well, the thing is”, replied the site manager, “Whatever they’ve paid for it, it won’t be here for long; we start work on a 32 storey tower just there (points to exactly where the best bit of the view is) in January… This (he waves his arm at the downstream view of the barrier and old docklands) will all be gone before anyone moves in.”

So, while stocks last, here it is: The Thames, downstream from the 10th floor, North Greenwich, London, 2014.


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