Photograph of the year, 2014 – part 3: Cornwall.

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“The negotiating Table”
During November, in what will now be know as The Month of A Million Miles, one of my jobs was to photograph a meeting of a local ICE (Institute of Civil Engineers) branch.
All well and good?
Well, I live in Leicestershire, and this meeting was in Truro, Cornwall, So, not quite so local.
Still, I was up for a few more miles of driving and, if the sun’s out (it was) there are few prettier places in the UK than Cornwall.
The meeting itself was of no real consequence to me, but what was of interest was the venue: County Hall in Truro is one of those astonishing sixties futurist edifices that were, when I was a kid, only ever inhabited by Bond villains, the Men From U.N.C.L.E. and Cary Grant in a really sharp suit. But, here in lush and leafy Cornwall, a palace on concrete stilts jutted out over perfectly terraced lawns, with polished wood and granite floors, sinless steel and varnished oak fittings and a reception desk that wouldn’t have looked out of place in the JWT HQ on Madison Avenue.Perfect!

I didn’t have the time or any of the necessary equipment with me to make pictures of the whole building, but even this quick study of the Committee Room table gives, I hope, a feel of the place.
I pray they never decide to modernise this beautiful slice of unashamedly optimistic architecture and interior design.*
Such gems as this make a long drive for a short job more than worthwhile. I am sure I’ll be back to photograph the building properly.


*Except, maybe, to put in wheelchair access.

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