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Early last month (I know, I’m really slack at blogging, I hope you can forgive me…) I was invited to photograph a couple of events at The Royal Academy of Engineering.
The first was a “Hackathon” on the theme of ethical sourcing in the construction industry.
I spent all day with players and thought leaders from the UK construction sector but, as I was concentrating on making photos (and on the buffet; the RAEng does a good spread!) I’m afraid I couldn’t really tell you wheat it was all about.
The term “Hackathon” is derived from Silicon Valley parlance, and seems to mean a meeting where you get stuff done and don’t just rumble on, promising to do stuff later – the usual outcome of meetings if my memories of corporate employment are correct.

Anyway, the whole thing was picked up by the construction press, along with my photos. You can read about it here.

The second event, straight after, was a more informal affair, a network-y, social reception for those involved, their partners, colleagues and representatives of yet more of the construction sector’s biggest players.
Speeches were given and, although that might sound quite tedious, the speakers (Nigel McKay, HS2; Matthew Raybould, Aecom; Peter Bonfield, BRE) were entertaining and refreshing. Best men and awards accepters could do worse than follow their lead and keep it light, snappy, and relevant.

Having briefly mentioned the catering earlier, it’s worth re-stating that if you’re invited to an event at this venue you should definitely go along, even if only for the buffet and bar; whatever else happens, you won’t be disappointed. In my case I met some great people and made photos I’m very happy with. You can see them here…

Job done!

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