hand900pxI have over 25 years experience in commercial and editorial photography. In this time I’ve covered subjects from rock festivals to restaurants, holiday homes to mountain highways, and blast furnaces to modern ballet. I’ve been there, seen it and I’ve brought back brilliant pictures for my clients.

What do I like to photograph?

I love most aspects of photography and, while I most enjoy portraiture, still-life photography and landscapes, what I enjoy about working with those subject areas is telling their stories.

I make human stories. Stories of work, of struggle, of triumph. Stories of makers and artists, of athletes, and thinkers, leaders and grafters – the decision makers and the risk-takers, the humble and the heroic.

I’m excited by the way we shape our environment and the way it shapes us in return. We leave our mark on it, and it leaves it’s mark on us – on our hands and faces, and on our psyche too.
Signs of life, if you will.

The tools and machines which we use are also important in these stories. They mediate our experience of the world around us and, eventually, they become almost part of us. I love the way they look and feel, and how we relate to them – a favourite pen or trowel or coffee pot.

Where can you find me?

Although I don’t specialise in difficult environments, I do quite like them. However, if you’d rather I came to visit your beautiful home or safe workplace, that’s just fine by me too.

I am based in London, but work all over the UK, Europe and the US. So if I’m not at home I may well be somewhere exciting and beautiful (or dangerous and smelly!)

Why not look here to see what I’ve been up to recently, or drop me a line to say hello?