“Call that a knife?”

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It’s that famous line from Crocodile Dundee – the best cheesy 80s movie ever – where Mick Dundee is threatened by a street punk with a switchblade, and confronts his would-be assailant with the machete he keeps up the back of his jacket…

My friend, fellow photographer Scott Chouciño, recently published a blog post about his essential kit pieces.
Scott shoots a very different style of photography different subject matter from me, so his choices of essential kit reflect this.
He has chosen a lot of lo-fi and film kit and, basically, I think he’s just plain wrong… 😉

No, what you want at your side when you’re shooting in a remote location is not a plastic camera, or some other anachronistic gimmick. You want a tool you can depend on; something for mending that bit of kit that always fails several hours from home, something for hacking through jungles*, something for getting the stones out of horses’ hooves…

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you need a knife!

But not just any old knife. Oh no.
You need this one!

Leatherman Wave
Mick ‘Crocodile’ Dundee might have thought twice about this bad boy…

It really is like having a tiny Special Forces bloke in your pocket…

*Well, clearing brambles and nettles for a photoshoot. See here for details.

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